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About The Foglia Residences at The Chicago Lighthouse 

Where will The Foglia Residences be located?
The Foglia Residences will be constructed on The Chicago Lighthouse’s main campus at the southwest corner of Wood Street and Roosevelt Road, in the heart of the Illinois Medical District.

How many units will be in the building?
The Foglia Residences will contain 76 total residential units. Of them 18 will be Studios (approximately 610 sq. ft.), 40 will be One-Bedrooms (approximately 651 sq. ft.), and 18 will be Two Bedrooms (approximately 992 sq. ft.).  Each unit will have one full bathroom, which will include a vanity, toilet and bathtub.

Will the building contain laundry facilities?
Yes, each residential floor will have a laundry room with washers and dryers available for tenant use.  Laundry machines will require payment for use.  Each two-bedroom unit will be equipped with a washer and a dryer.

Is there public transit nearby?
The Foglia Residences will be a short distance (0.4 mile) from the Polk Street Pink Line ”L”  station, as well as major bus routes located along Damen Avenue, Ashland Avenue and Roosevelt Road.

Will there be parking for tenants?
Yes, there will be a limited number of parking spaces.  More details to come.

What other amenities will the building have?
The Foglia Residences will have a roof deck connected to a spacious community room and warming kitchen where residents can gather for community-wide events.  In addition, there will be an exercise/fitness room on the main floor that will be accessible to residents.  A Management Office will be located on-site. The ground level will also include retail space on the south end of the building along Roosevelt Road.

Will the units be accessible?
Yes.  Pathways and entries to all units will be accessible, and many units will have interiors that are fully accessible to those with mobility impairments. In addition, all units will be outfitted with audio/visual equipment to assist those with sight and/or hearing impairments.

When will the building open? 
Construction began in July of 2022 and the building is expected to be complete and ready for occupancy in May of 2024.

When will rental applications be available?
It is not yet known when applications will be available.  It is expected that they will be available at least 2 months before the building opens, so possibly February or March 2024.  Check back for updates on when applications will be available.

How can I get more information?
For further information or if you have questions, please contact Lauren Annese, Chief of Staff, at (312) 997-3640 or lauren.annese@chicagolighthouse.org.


About Residency Requirements

Will there be an emphasis on tenants with disabilities?
Yes. The Foglia Residences will incorporate numerous features to help improve the living experience of those with disabilities. We strongly encourage all individuals who are disabled, or families that have a household member who is disabled, to make an application.  This includes those who are blind or visually impaired.

Are there any other tenant groups that will be targeted?
Yes. The Foglia Residences will market to a variety of groups of potential tenants, including Veterans and those in the housing market are who are least likely to apply.

Do you have to have a disability to live at The Foglia Residences?
No.  Having a disability is not a requirement to live at The Foglia Residences.  Nearly half of the units are open to any income-qualifying individual or family regardless if anyone living in the unit is disabled or a veteran.

Are there income requirements to live at The Foglia Residences?
The Foglia Residenceswill be an income-qualifying development.  Residents must have annual household incomes that do not exceed 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI).

What is AMI?
AMI is the household income for the median – or middle – household in a specific region. If you were to line up each household in an area from the lowest income to the highest income, the household in the middle would be the median household income.  It is the middle income, not the average income.

What are the income requirements required to live at The Foglia Residences?  There are three household income levels that will be served at The Foglia Residences.  Residents must qualify in one of the following income categories:

  1. those with household incomes 30% or less of AMI;
  2. those with household incomes 60% or less of AMI; and
  3. those with household incomes 80% or less of AMI.

The following is a breakdown of each unit type available at each qualifying income level.

Unit Size 30% AMI 60% AMI 80% AMI Totals Maximum Occupants
Studio 6 11 1 18 2
1-BR 14* 25 1 40 2
2-BR 5* 11 2 18 4
Totals 25 47 4 76


Are there rental subsidies or vouchers available?
Yes. The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) has approved 19 Project Based Vouchers (PBVs) that will provide rental assistance to 14 one-bedroom and 5 two-bedroom units. These units are restricted to tenants with household incomes equal to or less than 30% of the Area Median Income (AMI). As an example, a 2-person household must have an income below $25,000 (based on HUD FY22 income allowances which are adjusted annually). Applicants for the PBV units shall be selected from the project-specific CHA waiting list (when it opens). The remaining 57 units do not come with rental subsidy. However, rents are reduced for these units to levels that correlate to the income tier applicable for that household. Specific rents will be set closer to the time the building will be opened for occupancy.

When will the CHA waiting list be opened for the PBV applicable to The Foglia Residences?
It is anticipated that CHA will open the waiting list for the 19 PBV units at Foglia Residences approximately 6 months before the building opens. The current estimate for waitlist opening is November of 2023. However, due to the high demand for affordable housing, we encourage all interested parties to sign up for the CHA PBV waitlist as soon as possible at applyonline.thecha.org. When the waiting list for Foglia Residences opens, applicants will be able to update their application to sign up for the Foglia Residences list and keep their original application date. Applicants are eligible to sign up for one PBV waitlist and one Public Housing waitlist. Click here for more information about CHA’s project-based waitlist.

The application process for non-PBV units at Foglia residences will likely open in early 2024. Please check back for updates on when non-PBV applications will be available.

What do I need to apply to the CHA waiting list for one of the 19 PBV units at The Foglia Residences?
To sign up for the CHA waitlist, applicants will need basic information including the Applicant Name, Social Security Number and Date of Birth for each household member that will live in the apartment. No documents are required at the time of application. When your name is selected from the CHA waiting list, CHA will provide a full application. Items such as copies of all Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, proof of income and other documentation will may be required. CHA will select names from the waitlist in order of application date.

Are there limits to the number of people that can live in an apartment at The Foglia?
Yes.  Because of the nature of the financing used to construct The Foglia Residences, HUD guidelines regarding maximum occupancies will apply. Up to 2 people can live in a Studio or 1-Bedroom unit. Up to 4 people can live in a 2-Bedroom unit.

Will there be parking available?
There will be a limited number of parking spaces available. More details to come.

How can I get more information?
For further information or if you have questions, please contact Lauren Annese, Chief of Staff, at (312) 997-3640 or lauren.annese@chicagolighthouse.org.

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