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Partnerships help us achieve our mission and expand our impact by reaching new audiences, advocating for our clients and helping us deliver the highest quality programs and services.


We partner with organizations of all sizes to help us meet the needs of our clients. Below are some of the many ways we partner with organizations in our community. Contact us for more information about becoming involved as a partner to The Chicago Lighthouse.

The Chicago Lighthouse 2023-2024 Corporate Packet

Advocacy Groups
We partner with advocacy groups to promote accessibility, equality and employment for the blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veteran communities.

Corporations & Foundations
Corporations and foundations provide critical financial support in helping meet the needs of the people we serve.

For more information, please visit our Corporations & Foundations page.

We help employers select qualified candidates who are seeking employment opportunities. We also help implement workplace accommodations and practices that are inclusive of people with visual impairments and other disabilities.

For more information, please visit our Employment & Training page.

Local Governments
We collaborate with government agencies and offices to provide high quality public services throughout the Chicagoland area and the state of Illinois.

Media Outlets
We work with media outlets that are interested in covering events, activities and issues facing the blind, visually, disabled and Veteran communities.

For more information, please visit our Media page.

Product Development
We partner with companies on product development, manufacturing, assembly and packaging through sub-contracting and co-branding arrangements.

For more information, please visit our Chicago Lighthouse Industries page.

Non-Profits & Community Organizations
We partner with non-profits and community organizations to enhance the accessibility of various services throughout the Chicagoland area, including museums, tours, cultural events and more.

Technology & Start-Ups
Technology companies and start-ups look to us for guidance, testing and feedback in the development of various accessibility devices and software.

For more information, please visit our Assistive Technology page.

For more information, please contact:

Lauren Annese
Chief of Staff
(312) 997-3640
Email Lauren

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