Q&A with Patrick Andrade, Assistive Technology and Accessibility Manager

What do you do at The Lighthouse?
A lot of the great work that we do at The Lighthouse is thanks to the Low Vision Clinic and I’m lucky to be a part of the assistive technology piece where we meet with patients after or before they see a low vision optometrist and are able to help them fulfill their everyday goals and needs with the help of technology.

What’s different about working at The Lighthouse?
The Lighthouse is different from other employers that I’ve worked with in the past because we strive to incorporate ourselves into the community and know that we’re going to be there for the people first. Nothing is profit driven. It’s all people driven.

Why is assistive technology so important?
Assistive technology is just one component of the many resources that The Lighthouse is able to provide. It is a critical component in that it can help an individual fulfill their independent living goals or it can help them fulfill their educational goals or their employment related goals. So it can assist anyone from birth to three or school aged children all the way up to seniors. And it really plays a huge role in the Chicago Lighthouse because not only for our patients but also for our employees. Because we would not be who we are without all of our employees with disabilities. And assistive technology is just one way that our employees are able to proficiently do their jobs, just as any other employee can do.

Happy Doctors’ Day!

If you would like to express your gratitude to a Lighthouse clinician for Doctors’ Day, you can donate in their honor, tell us how they have helped you, or both. To learn more, click here.

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