Getting Back to Adult Living

Q&A with: Marykay Culleton,
Director Adult Day Services

Having helped adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities for more than 30 years, Marykay Culleton knows every day is an adventure. “My mantra is, ‘It is what it is,’ because everything can change, and we need to make the best of all situations,” she says.

As Director of our reinstated Adult Living Skills Program, Marykay has been helping adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities who are also blind or visually impaired, reunite after months of pandemic-enforced separation. Having returned to The Lighthouse in September, our adult participants are thrilled to be back together.

How have things been going in the ALS Program so far?
Good. We’re still figuring out what we can and can’t do with respect to the COVID restrictions. We’re working on developing more community interaction, introducing job skills, and practicing independent-living skills. The team is still getting to know everyone and figuring out how we can all group together to get the most out of the Program.

What new things can we expect from the ALS Program?
We are now able to use the auditorium and gym at ICRE-Wood, which is right across the street from The Lighthouse. That gives our Adults a chance to get out and practice our Orientation & Mobility skills on a weekly basis. We plan to introduce some meal-preparation activities, like making meals in a Crockpot or microwaved snacks. We also looking to get the canteen operating again, so we can work on job-skills.



How has it been for the Program’s clients?
They are thrilled to be back. They were really excited to see each other after being apart for so long. Now that it’s been a month, they’re getting comfortable, which is good to see.


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