Making Memories and Doing Good at the Top of the World

Last summer, Robert Rourke, a former Chicago Lighthouse Board member, and his two sons, Andrew and William, took an 11-day trip hiking across the Alps. The 110-mile journey took the trio across France, Italy, and Switzerland. The “Tour du Mont Blanc” was a moving experience, particularly as they encountered several military outposts and World War II memorials carved into the mountainside on the border between Italy and France.

“That was all pretty remarkable, and my sons and I, we were crying over what we saw,” Robert recalls noting the memorials had been maintained over the generations by the mountain-dwelling populations of both countries. “It was pretty incredible.”

More than just making lasting family memories, the trip had a deeper meaning for the Rourkes. Robert, Andrew, and William used the trip to raise money for six organizations, including The Chicago Lighthouse.

“Raising money was my youngest son’s idea. We picked causes and organizations that were near and dear to our hearts,” Robert says. After a tour of the The Lighthouse, Robert became a member of our Board in 2006, and he dedicated 15 years of service to the Board.

Robert and his sons raised a total of $13,616 through a GoFundMe page they created for the hike. The funds were distributed evenly in December across six organizations, including The Lighthouse.

“We are truly grateful to everyone who supported us, from helping us get the equipment and giving us the space to train for the hike,” Robert says. “Plus, we got to raise awareness and money for causes that mean a lot to us.”


Thank you to the Rourkes, who were willing to go the extra mile – 110 times – to support The Chicago Lighthouse’s life-changing programs.

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