Giving Back with Gratitude

Growing up during the Great Depression, Lowell Stahl knew how the generosity of others can change the trajectory of a life. The child of an immigrant single mother, Lowell’s trajectory changed when he received a scholarship from Christian Brothers to attend Saint Patrick High School in Chicago.

Lowell never forgot how that one act of kindness was the cornerstone for all of his later success. After serving in the Army, Lowell built several businesses, including family-run real estate and insurance practices, and became a leader in the banking industry. As Lowell built his wealth, he established a philanthropic tradition within his family that has spanned generations.

Late in his life, Lowell began to experience vision loss as a result of macular degeneration. Worried he would not be able to continue the activities he loved, Lowell contacted The Chicago Lighthouse’s assistive technology professionals. They assessed Lowell’s needs and provided personalized tools to continue those activities.

“Dad read a lot as a businessman and he be­came depressed when he thought he wouldn’t be able to read. These aids helped him a lot. He carried magnifiers with him everywhere he went,” says his son, Jeffrey Stahl.

Lowell knew he was fortunate to have found The Lighthouse and, in keeping with his lifelong dedication to helping others, began supporting us with annual gifts, both personally and through the Stahl Family Charitable Foundation. Through his contributions, Lowell helped ensure that others less fortunate than he could receive the same life-changing assistance he did.

Lowell passed away in January 2023 at the age of 89. He named The Lighthouse in his estate plans, ensuring his support of those who need assistance will live on.

You too can provide for The Lighthouse’s important mission through your own will by allocating a percentage of your estate or a specific amount as a philanthropic bequest. Contact The Lighthouse to learn more.

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