Five Life-Changing Assistive Technology Devices

Check out the latest tech available at our Tools for Living Store designed to enhance the independence of those with vision loss.

Are you having trouble reading? Finding it hard to distinguish between different colors in your environment? Needing to ask for help with simple tasks? These recently updated and unique devices are available at our Tools for Living Store to help you maximize your remaining vision and get back to doing what you love. To schedule a technology demo to determine the right devices for your needs, call (312) 997-3683.


1. Clover 6

Clover 6

Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, the Clover 6 HD is perfect for on-the-go use. With two 13 mega-pixel cameras and an HD screen, it produces a crystal-clear image at any magnification level in any viewing mode. The versatile folding handle allows the Clover 6HD to be used the same as a standard magnifying glass or can fold into a reading stand for a comfortable desktop reading experience.



2. Daylight Twist 2

Daylight Twist 2

Whether you’re at home, work, or out of town, this compact lamp will provide the light you need where you need it. This lamp’s unique shade allows the light to be positioned precisely where it’s needed. The bright LEDs can be adjusted with a tactile 3-step dimmer button. The high quality LEDs on the Twist 2 and CRI of over 95 provide high contrast and clarity making details visible and colors rendered accurately.



3. Humanware Explore 12

Humanware Explorer 12

This portable, lightweight magnifier is easy to use for people of all ages.  With superior magnification, this tablet allows you to continue daily activities like reading and viewing photos or maps and maintain productivity in your work or classroom environment. When used with its foldable stand, Explore 12 rises above the table, giving plenty of writing room.

$1795 w/ Stand     1495.00 w/o Stand


4. IrisVision Inspire

Iris Inspire

Open your world visually and socially with this smart, lightweight device. This latest technology helps people to maximize their remaining vision so they can experience seeing the faces of their loved ones, reading a recipe, watching their favorite tv show, taking in the scenery, and so much more. healthcare providers via a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.



5. Talking Infrared Personal Thermometer


Talking Infrared Personal Thermometer

This talking, non-contact thermometer is a great choice for personal safety and monitoring your health. The thermometer offers both English and Spanish language, measures temperature using Fahrenheit and Celsius, and has the option turn the voice on or off.



To schedule a technology demo at our Tools for Living Retail Store, call (312) 997-3683.



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