Request for Research Volunteers Intracortical Visual Prosthesis Study

ORA: 20041305-IRB02 Date IRB Approved: 7/6/2020 Amendment Date: 4/28/2021

A Phase 1 Clinical Trial to Determine the Feasibility of a Human
Cortical Visual Prosthesis for People with Blindness

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What is the study about?
The Illinois Institute of Technology and The Chicago Lighthouse are
conducting a research study to determine the safety of an investigational brain implant called an Intracortical Visual Prosthesis (ICVP) that may help people who are blind perceive some light. Restoring vision is not the goal of this study and should not be the expectation. Participation is voluntary.

Why Participate?
It is possible that you may not directly benefit from taking part in this study. However, we hope the knowledge gained from this study may benefit others with blindness in the future.

Who Can Participate?
Individuals who lost their vision as an adult, but who had normal or near
normal vision for at least the first ten years of life. Additional inclusion and exclusion criteria will apply.

What Does Study Participation Involve?
Following surgery and approximately one month of surgical recovery,
participants will be studied for 1-3 years, depending on the date of
implantation. Follow-up assessments will include 2-3 visits to the Chicago Lighthouse for approximately 6-hours per visit for the first year and return visits every few months until the end of the 3-year period.

What should I do if I want to learn more about the study?
Interested individuals should contact the study staff using the contact
information below. You may be asked to fill out a pre-screening consent
form so that your eligibility for the study can be further evaluated.

Phone Number: (312) 567-5304



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