Preschool Facilities



Spacious classroom featuring a quiet reading area with a diverse selection of print and braille books, dramatic play corner, writing area, multisensory and adaptive toys and learning materials, and a connecting room for eating lunch and snacks. Each child also has their own cubbie for individual storage.

Indoor Solarium


This bright, indoor play area ensures that children can participate in active play year-round, rain or shine. The solarium offers bikes and other equipment that is accessible for children with disabilities.



This large, enclosed outdoor playground features climbing equipment, slides, and accessible equipment for children with disabilities, including adapted swings, ramps, and smooth ground surfaces.

Inclusive Arts Room

arts room

All students of our Preschool participate in weekly inclusive arts experiences provided by our Art Therapist. This room offers multisensory arts materials and musical instruments, inviting children to explore their imaginations and creativity.

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