Geovanni Bahena’s Journey…In his Own Words

Geovanni wearing a headset and sitting in front of a computer, also using his phone

Four years ago, if you told me where I’d be now, I would’ve thought you were crazy because I was struggling to find a job.

I’ve always had a passion for technology. As a child, I was given a computer with JAWS (screen reading software) installed. I thought, wow, this is so cool—a person who is blind can actually use a computer.

When I graduated from high school, I was told a totally blind person couldn’t work in IT. It was stressful and discouraging.

I came to The Lighthouse as a client of their Employment Services Program. Their job counselors helped me with my resume and told me about an open position as a Call Center Agent.

I was in awe of how quickly it happened. One day, I didn’t have a job. The next, I came in for an interview. Then I was called back for a background check—and hired!

As a Call Center Agent, I learned and grew a lot and built relationships that led to a new opportunity: a position with The Lighthouse’s DAX program, which stands for Digital Accessible Experience. That’s where I work now. We assist businesses in making their apps and websites accessible for people with disabilities.

In partnership with American Foundation for the Blind, DAX expanded in 2020 to a team of four analysts who provide usability testing, focus groups and audits to help clients meet global accessibility standards.

It’s a huge blessing to work in this field. I love the camaraderie with my coworkers. It makes the job even more fun. Best of all, I’m helping people who face the same challenges I do.

The Lighthouse sees everyone’s unique talents and what they can offer to the world. They put people in positions to be successful and thrive. Dr. Szlyk has said that one of the greatest joys of her life is to help launch careers and see people realize their dreams. She certainly did that for me!

The career I launched at The Lighthouse has opened up a world of possibilities in my life.

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