DAX Delivers Accessibility Consulting as Social Enterprise

Our Digital Accessible Experience Consulting Services helps businesses and organizations make their digital platforms more accessible and provides employment for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Employees from the Lighthouse's IT team work at computers

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has pronounced the need for digital accessibility to function in everyday life. As social distancing became the necessary new normal, many activities, including socializing, working, school, and shopping moved online. Unfortunately, for people who are blind or visually impaired, too many of the platforms offering these services are either difficult to navigate or completely inaccessible.

To help make the digital world more accessible, The Lighthouse recently launched DAX (Digital Accessible Experience) Consulting Services, which provides services to businesses and organizations that need assistance in improving their web and mobile user experience for people with disabilities.

DAX is a new social enterprise led by IT specialist Jose Martinez, who came to The Lighthouse as a Customer Care Center representative before joining the IT team. Jose Martinez leads a team of IT professionals who are blind and helping to make websites more accessible.

Jose, who was born blind, will work with three other analysts who have visual impairments to provide DAX clients with a range of services. These include usability testing and focus groups as well as audits to help ensure clients’ platforms meet global accessibility standards.

“DAX will provide The Lighthouse with a profitable, new social enterprise in a rapidly growing field,” says Phil Yatvin, Director of Lighthouse Industries. “And it will also create new knowledge-based career pathways for our employees who are blind and visually impaired.”

To learn more about how our DAX team can help enhance the accessibility of your digital platforms, visit https://chicagolighthouse.org/dax/ or contact Phil Yatvin, Director of Lighthouse Industries at phil.yatvin@chicagolighthouse.org or  312-997-1688.

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