Junior Board

members of the Junior Board pose for a photo at the 2023 Sweets for SightJunior Board Members at 2023 Sweets For Sight

The Junior Board was founded 20 years ago and currently has about 30 active members who help raise awareness and funds for The Chicago Lighthouse Children’s Programs. The ages of members range from mid-20s to mid-40s, with some outliers each way. The Junior Board is run by two co-chairs, Joel Bruckman and Megan Goldish. The Board meets once a month to discuss ways to get involved with The Chicago Lighthouse, through fundraising events, volunteer service, advocacy, community outreach and education. The Lighthouse’s Special Events team acts as the agency’s liaison to the Board to help with meeting and event planning, including the annual Sips & Sweets for Sight event.

The Junior Board directs its contributions to the Birth-to-Three Early Intervention Program and the Children’s Development Center.

Membership requirements for joining the Junior Board are as follows:

  • Annual minimummembership gift of $60
  • Attend at least half of the meetings each year
  • Purchase 2 tickets to Sips & Sweets for Sight or a personal or corporate sponsorship
  • Provide 24 professionally-made sweets for Sips & Sweets for Sight
  • Provide at least one silent auction/raffle item worth $50 or more for Sips & Sweets for Sight
  • Provide at least one bottle of wine worth $20 or more for Sips & Sweets for Sight

Most of the membership requirements revolve around the Board’s fundraising event. The silent auction, raffle, and wine grab generate much of the income of the event, which is why members are asked to provide these items.

If you are interested in joining The Chicago Lighthouse Junior Board, please contact Karoline Kijowski (see below) for more information on membership.

For more information, please contact:

Karoline Kijowski at (312) 447-3447 or events@chicagolighthouse.org

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