Forsythe Entrepreneurial Center Workshop Series

The Forsythe Entrepreneurial Center workshops include videos and interactive workbooks designed to help people who are blind or visually impaired start and run their own business.  The workshops cover elements such as developing a business idea, evaluating market potential, recruiting business partners, and marketing.

The following courses are available:

Founder Stories Series
Do you have an idea for a new business? Get inspired from other entrepreneurs who were once in your shoes.

Starting a Business Series
Do you have an idea for a business you’d like to launch? This series will help you think through the major considerations and keys to success.

Excel with a Screen Reader: Beginner Series
Learn basic Excel and how to navigate the program with a screen reader.

Excel with a Screen Reader: Intermediate Series
Screen reader users will move beyond the basics of Excel with this series.

Excel with a Screen Reader: Advanced Series
Screen reader users will learn more advanced Excel features in this series.

Accounting Basics and Financial Reports
This series shows you how to create and analyze financial statements.


These video tutorials were created by Hadley and are generously provided to The Chicago Lighthouse to support the Forsythe Entrepreneurial Center and The Lighthouse’s Employment Services programming.

The Chicago Lighthouse is dedicated to helping its clients build confidence and achieve independence through employment, education and independent living programs.





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