Forsythe Entrepreneurial Center Workshop Series

Launched in FY21, the Using Excel with a Screen Reader workshop series helps people who are blind learn the basics of Excel and how to navigate the program with a screen reader through the use of keystrokes instead of a mouse. This series progresses from beginning through advanced skills.  The final workshop focuses on enhanced features when using JAWS with Excel.

The following courses are available:

Excel with a Screen Reader: Beginner Series
Learn basic Excel and how to navigate the program with a screen reader.

Excel with a Screen Reader: Intermediate Series
Screen reader users will move beyond the basics of Excel with this series.

Excel with a Screen Reader: Advanced Series
Screen reader users will learn more advanced Excel features in this series.



How Are the Courses Taught?
At The Chicago Lighthouse, each video workshop series is delivered Online on the Canvas Learning Management System. The program accepts students on a rolling admission basis, and learning is self-paced. An instructor will offer live one-on-one learning consultations during office hours. Templates, worksheets, and reference handouts are available for download to accompany the series.

How Much Does It Cost?
There is no direct cost to any enrollee if a referring Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor authorizes and pays the monthly tuition fee of $2,568.00 to World Services for the Blind.

Who Can enroll?
Any person who is blind or visually impaired who uses Excel with a screen reader is encouraged to enroll. Technology instructors and teachers of the visually impaired are also encouraged to enroll.

How to Enroll?
Candidates can complete the online enrollment form anytime. However, candidates cannot begin the course of study until World services for the Blind receives either a signed authorization form from a referring Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, self-payment from an individual, or employer-sponsored payment.



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