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Well the Holidays are almost over and it’s nearly time to start the new year already, time sure flies! If you have a visual impairment then maybe your new year’s resolution this year should be to find out what technology is out there that might improve your quality of life. 

Every year here at The Chicago Lighthouse we get new technology which can help in every aspect of a visually impaired person’s life, from cooking and cleaning to reading, writing, using a computer and more. It seems that the latest breakthrough is always on the horizon and if there is something you want to do as a visually impaired person there is more than likely a way to do it with the right gear!

So this year why not make a decision to help yourself and find out what might help improve your quality of life. Give us a call Monday to Friday 9-5 CST at 312-997-3649 and we would be more than happy to discuss the latest and greatest in gear for the visually impaired with you. And don’t forget, you can subscribe to our Youtube Channel ( to keep up to date with our latest gear reviews and thoughts. 

Happy New Year!

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