Facebook Shortcut Keys

Here is something that most of you probably are not aware of.  There are shortcuts built into Facebook that lets you get to different places quite quickly.  The shortcuts depend on what browsers you are using.  If you are using Internet Explorer you would hit “Alt” and a number then press “Enter”.  For Firefox on a PC, you would hit “Alt” and “Shift” and the number. For Chrome on a PC, you would only “Alt” and the number.  for any web browser on the Mac, you would press “Control” and “Option” and the number.

The numbers correlate to a specific part of Facebook.

0 = Help
1 = Home
2 = Timeline
3 = Friends
4 = Inbox
5 = Notifications
6 = Settings
7 = Activity Log
8 = About
9 = Terms

Go ahead and try them.

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