The Miniature Revolution is here! CCTV’s are going through an interesting phase at the moment whereby they are getting smaller rather than larger, and become much more portable. The line is being blurred between a traditional desktop CCTV and a handheld electronic magnifier. Pictured here are three great new CCTVs from LVI (Magnilink Zip HD 13), Freedom Scientific (Topaz pHD) and Baum (Visiobook), all of which feature screens around 13″ and fold-away designs. This is great for those who don’t have a lot of space, those who need a portable solution that can be used for reading larger texts like books and newspapers, or those who just like things that are small and stylish! 

We predict this trend towards miniaturization will continue for a while and bring us some great quality smaller CCTVs. This can actually be of great benefit as with a smaller screen you can get your face closer and still see the entire screen, giving the benefit of relative distance magnification. 

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