The eSight electronic glasses have arrived and the Chicago Lighthouse is leading the way in offering evaluations with this fantastic new technology! 

For those who haven’t heard, eSight are electronic glasses comprising of two video screens and a centrally mounted video camera. A person who is low vision can wear these glasses and be able to magnify at distance and near in order to see things that they haven’t been able to see in a long time!

The glasses weigh just 6 ounces and have already helped a number of people with both central and peripheral vision loss see at a level that they thought was impossible. 

To see eSight in the media check out this bit on The Doctors see here and the news see here.

To arrange an evaluation to see if eSight might be right for you, call The Chicago Lighthouse at 1-312-666-1331 and ask to speak to Diane Perski.