A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Jorgensen, developer of the Accessibyte suite of accessible software, and last week we got together for an interview to find out all about the software he offers – and we think it’s great!

Accessibyte (www.accessibyte.com) is the name for a suite of great software designed to aid teachers of the blind, visually or cognitively impaired, with applications such as a talking typing teacher called ‘Typio’, a suite of accessible games testing reflexes, math skills, language skills etc called ‘Accessibyte Arcade’, and an application to very quickly and easily convert text files to wave (audio) files called ‘WordWav’. 

We had the chance to test the software out over a couple of weeks and had great fun with it. The interface proves to be excellent, being very visually uncluttered and simple to navigate. Users can customize the applications for the individual student (for example setting up custom lessons in Typio) to make sure that all skill levels are catered for. The arcade offers games needing as little as one button to be pressed to play, meaning the entry level skill needed for people to enjoy the software is very low. 

We were really impressed with the Accessibyte suite of software, and with Joe himself, and highly recommend checking out the website at www.accessibyte.com and trying the software for yourself! 

Watch the interview below!