Birth-to-Three Early Intervention

A three year old boy who is visually impaired frosts a cupcake with his vision teacher.


Because infants and toddlers learn primarily through sight, any degree of vision loss can affect their development. Not able to learn by imitation and mimicry, an infant with vision loss starts out life at a disadvantage. To address this need, our Birth-to-Three Early Intervention Program provides home-based developmental and family support to infants and toddlers with vision loss or multiple disabilities.

Early intervention specialists visit families on a frequent basis, supporting parents to prepare their children for preschool and beyond. Services include visual, developmental and occupational therapy, as well as optometric examinations through our Low Vision Clinic, social work and psychological services.

Parent Support

The Birth-to-Three Program is closely tied to the statewide parent support group Illinois Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments (IPVI). Many of the families in this program have joined the statewide group and participate in social activities and conferences. The association also provides monthly publications.

My husband and I were an emotional wreck when finding out about my son’s eye condition when he was just a few months old. His teacher made us feel comfortable and confident as he grew. He’s going to be three in March and doing things as a normal child should be. We are very satisfied with the services given to us and are eternally grateful.

Catherine & Michael Johns, Client Family of Birth-to-Three Early Intervention Program

For more information, please contact:

Marla Garstka
Director, Birth-to-Three Early Intervention Program
(847) 510-2053
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