Remembering Bob Pascal

Bob PascalThe Chicago Lighthouse mourns the loss of Bob Pascal, Board Member and incredible supporter of the communities we serve.  Bob served as a member of our Board of Directors from 2012-2016 before transitioning to be a Board Member of our independent affiliate nonprofit, Chicago Lighthouse Industries. Bob remained a member of the Lighthouse Industries Board until his recent passing.

Bob took his commitment to our mission to new heights in 2012 when he hosted a “Skydive Fundraiser” in celebration of his 75th birthday. For the fundraiser, Bob pledged to skydive from a height equal to the amount he raised. Through this brave and creative effort, Bob raised more than $14,000 for our programs and services. “Bob went above and beyond our community – figuratively and literally,” says Dr. Janet Szlyk, President and CEO of The Chicago Lighthouse.  “We will fondly remember him and his extraordinary generosity.”


See Bob Pascal skydive in support of The Lighthouse:

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