Seniors Program – Guided Meditation, Call-In Only

This program will take place over the phone.

Please direct all program inquiries and RSVPs to Melissa Wittenberg at T: (847) 510-2060 or

CALL-IN INSTRUCTIONS: After you RSVP for any/all programs that you’d like to participate in, here’s how to call into each of the programs – we will use the same call-in number for all programs: To join any of the programs, dial 872-242-7995. It will then ask you to enter the Conference ID  737 107 407 followed by #. It will ask if you are the meeting organizer and since you are not, continue waiting and shortly after that you will be admitted into the program.

Enjoy today’s guided mindfulness meditation for strengthening self-love & taking care of yourself. To be the best person you can be, to help & support those loved ones surrounding you, you need to first love & care for yourself. The idea of self-care doesn’t always mean going out to the spa to get pampered. It can also mean trusting your heart & your intuition to guide you in the right direction in life. It means taking the time to listen to your heart & your intuition often. It is the kind & compassionate way in which you speak to yourself.

RSVP to Melissa at: (847) 510-2060.

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