Seniors Program Glenview – Book Club, The River We Remember – Both In-Person in Glenview & Call-In

This program will be offered in person at our Glenview location at 222 Waukegan Road as well as over-the-phone.

For those interested in participating, whether it be in-person or over-the-phone, everyone must call Melissa at T: (847) 510-2060 to discuss their plans for attendance / RSVPs – space is limited for in-person attendance.

CALL-IN INSTRUCTIONS: After you RSVP for any/all programs that you’d like to participate in, here’s how to call into each of the programs – we will use the same call-in number for all programs: To join any of the programs, dial 872-242-7995. It will then ask you to enter the Conference ID  737107407 followed by #. It will ask if you are the meeting organizer and since you are not, continue waiting and shortly after that you will be admitted into the program.

Most participants will use the free Talking Books player. The audio book player will be mailed to you at no cost, as well as all audio books. We can help you complete an application if you are not yet enrolled in the program. Please RSVP to Melissa in advance of the program at: (847) 510-2060.

This month, we will discuss the novel, The River We Remember by William Kent Krueger, listening time, 13.5 hours. TBBS Book # DB116354. RSVP at: (847) 510-2060. On Memorial Day in Jewel, Minnesota, the body of wealthy landowner Jimmy Quinn is found floating in the Alabaster River, dead from a shotgun blast. The investigation falls to Sheriff Brody Dern, a highly decorated war hero who still carries the physical & emotional scars from his military service. Even before Dern has the results of the autopsy, vicious rumors begin to circulate that the killer must be Noah Bluestone, a Native American WWII veteran who has recently returned to Jewel with a Japanese wife. As suspicions & accusations mount & the town teeters on the edge of more violence, Dern struggles not only to find the truth of Quinn’s murder but also put to rest the demons from his own past. Caught up in the torrent of anger that sweeps through Jewel are a war widow & her adolescent son, the intrepid publisher of the local newspaper, an aging deputy, & a crusading female lawyer, all of whom struggle with their own tragic histories & harbor secrets that Quinn’s death threatens to expose. Both a complex, spellbinding mystery & a masterful portrait of mid-century American life, The River We Remember offers an unflinching look at the wounds left by the wars we fight abroad & at home, a moving exploration of the ways in which we seek to heal, & a testament to the enduring power of the stories we tell about the places we call home.

RSVP to Melissa at: (847) 510-2060.

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