Seniors Program Glenview – Low Vision Support Group – Both In-Person in Glenview & Call-In

This program will be offered in person at our Glenview location at 222 Waukegan Road as well as over-the-phone. For the health & well-being of our seniors, as well as for everyone else, proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be required in order to participate in-person.

For those interested in participating, whether it be in-person or over-the-phone, everyone must call Melissa at T: (847) 510-2060 to discuss their plans for attendance / RSVPs – space is limited for in-person attendance.

CALL-IN INSTRUCTIONS: After you RSVP for any/all programs that you’d like to participate in, here’s how to call into each of the programs – we will use the same call-in number for all programs: To join any of the programs, dial 872-242-7995. It will then ask you to enter the Conference ID  737107407 followed by #. It will ask if you are the meeting organizer and since you are not, continue waiting and shortly after that you will be admitted into the program.

As always, group is an opportunity for you & your peers to share ideas, support each other & feel safe talking with others that may be going through similar life experiences. Join in to say hi, share how you’re doing & hear some familiar voices. There’s much to learn from one another. During this time, it’s especially important to have friends to talk to! Please RSVP in advance to Melissa at: (847) 510-2060.

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