Children’s Development Center Enrollment Process

As a non-public, therapeutic day school the CDC works with Chicago Public Schools District 299 and school districts within the surrounding suburbs to support students who require a level of educational, functional, and therapeutic service beyond what their school districts are able to provide.  The enrollment process for the CDC is as follows:

  1. The home school district’s team, including the student’s parents/guardians, determine that a non-public, therapeutic day school placement is warranted to meet the student’s educational, therapeutic, and/or behavioral needs.
  2. The home school district sends a referral, including the potential student’s Individualized Education Plan, via email to the CDC Principal and Student Services Coordinator.
  3. The CDC Principal, Student Services Coordinator, and potential, receiving Special Education Teacher review the referral documentation.
  4. If considered a potential fit for placement, the Special Education Teacher, along with another CDC staff member, will observe the student at their current school.
  5. If the student is determined to be a good fit for the CDC, and there is a seat available, the Principal will accept the referral.
  6. The student is enrolled.
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