Children’s Development Center Curriculum

When it comes to instruction, the Children’s Development Center (CDC) utilizes the Unique Curriculum, Positivity, and News2You solutions within the n2y program offerings. The Unique Curriculum is a modified curriculum that provides several levels of differentiated lesson plans and materials to meet the needs of students with multiple disabilities and varying levels of severity. Due to the severity of the needs of our students, our teachers differentiate this already modified curriculum even further to a more functional level to meet the needs of our students.  A link to the N2Y website is provided below.

Children’s Development Center Curricular Program

In addition to these curricular programs, the CDC also provides instruction in Music, Art, and Health. Each of these programs is differentiated to meet the needs of our students. Pictures, manipulatives, instruments, aromas, and other sensory-based materials are used to support student access and exploration within each of these areas.

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