A Shining Beacon of Influence

At night, The Foglia Residences will illuminate to evoke a lighthouse and a gateway to the Illinois Medical District.

Set to open this fall, The Foglia Residences will have an influence
extending far beyond the corner of Roosevelt and Wood.

At night, the southwestern corner at the top of The Foglia Residences will glow, gently illuminating the sky and informing the area of its presence, while serving as a gateway to the Illinois Medical District.

Like so much of The Foglia Residences, the design is intentional. The exterior is meant to evoke The Chicago Lighthouse as it welcomes people who are blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veterans into its safe harbor and supportive community. It is far from The Residences’ only distinctive touch, however, and like The Lighthouse’s programs, many of those features will have an impact far beyond the building’s walls.

accessible faucet in the Foglia buildingA kitchen layout in the Foglia building

From different textures of flooring and wall coverings to denote the transition from different areas within the building to faucets and door handles that are easily operated by those with limited mobility, every element has been carefully thought out. Outside, the landscaping and planting have been designed to facilitate safe navigation around the building and roads. David Brint, co-founder of Foglia Residences developer Brinshore Development, said that sort of thoughtful development will continue to influence future projects.

Someone walking down the hall of the Foglia building holding the railing

“What happens in other buildings is, you have minimum requirements for people who are visually impaired, but other elements beyond that are not usually considered,” he says. “We will certainly incorporate many of these ideas in our other projects.”

Another influential feature of The Foglia Residences is one that most people will not see: the financing. The building is the first in the country to use Low Income Housing Tax Credit financing to support a building designed with the needs of individuals who are blind or visually impaired in mind. Brint expects other communities will see The Foglia Residences’ viability and follow suit.

“I hope it triggers the idea that this can be done, that it’s useful, and that there are a lot of people that need this housing,” says Brint. “The awareness of what it is and the awareness of it as a beacon to others around the country and world will be great.”


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