We were recently introduced to a new suite of software which aims to provide solutions to instructors of people who are visually impaired or special needs. Current applications include a typing tester, a collection of accessible games testing various motor skills and a converter from text to audio. All the applications work great and are fully accessible for the visually impaired and totally blind, as well as being useful learning tools for those with a cognitive impairment. Accesibyte will also make custom software for people’s individual training needs!  From the website:

“The mission of Accessibyte is to introduce new and needed tools to instructors of visually impaired and special needs students. Accessibyte products are designed and developed by a professional working daily in the field of blind rehabilitation. Product ideas stem from direct observations and discussions with teachers of the visually or cognitively impaired.” 

We highly recommend checking out Accessibyte at http://www.accessibyte.com/