white male with brown hair wearing pink dress shirt and blue quarter-zip sweater

Patrick Andrade

Assistive Technology Manager, Sandy Forsythe Assistive Technology Center

Patrick Andrade is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science. Patrick majored in Computer Science while attending school and previously worked at The Chicago Lighthouse as an intern every summer since 2014. In his new position, he will be working alongside clients and their ophthalmologists to help match each and every person with assistive technology best suited to help them reach their goals. In addition to working with clients, Patrick consults and develops relationships with leaders in assistive technology such as HumanWare, IrisVision, and OrCam to stay on top of the newest technologies and provide input for product development. Patrick is always on the lookout with the latest and greatest assistive technology, and is always willing to have a conversation with anyone within the industry. Please contact him at 312-997-3649 or email him here.

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