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The Chicago Lighthouse
October 2017

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We have heard some seniors mention interest in dance classes and it would be great for us to learn how many would like to take a dance class and the type of dance you would like to try. If interested, please share your interest with Laurine O’Donnell or Megan Frankenbach.

October 14 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., Michael C. Smith, Ph.D. will be leading a Family and Friends Meeting at The Chicago Lighthouse for discussion of impact on having a family/friend with a visual impairment and practical ways to be helpful. If interested, RSVP to (312) 997-3686.

Calendar of Events

Unless otherwise noted, all programs take place at The Chicago Lighthouse at 1850 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL 60608.  As a friendly reminder, programs have limited seating. Please RSVP for each event by contacting Laurine O’Donnell at (312) 997-3670 or Megan Frankenbach at (312) 447-3257 , or by emailing Laurine directly.

Support Group
Tuesdays, 10/03, 10/17

11 a.m. – noon

A chance for you and your peers to share ideas, support each other, and feel safe talking with others that may be going through similar life events.

Medicare 101
Friday, 10/06

10 – 11 a.m.

Isaiah Poland from Premier Medicare Benefits will talk to get you up to speed on what Medicare covers, what it doesn’t and the potential out of pocket exposure.  We will review Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, Part D Prescription Coverage, and cost saving strategies for the years ahead.

Art Exploration
Tuesdays, 10/03, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24
1 – 2:30 p.m.

Art Expert Philip Cameron will be discussing Duke Ellington and the Jazz Orchestra on the 3rd. The following Tuesday he will talk about the Life and Literature of Virginia Woolf. On the 17th Salvador Dali and Surrealism will be the topic and on the 24th Philip will share an Introduction to Russian Ballet. To ensure you receive the handouts, please RSVP.

Mondays, 10/09, 10/23
1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Philip Cameron, with a Master of Arts and Art Therapy through the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, will lead an art class where you will be creating hands-on art projects.

Lighthouse Industries
Friday, 10/06
1 – 2 p.m.

Vice President Jean Claude Kappler oversees Lighthouse Industries which provides industrial job training, job placement opportunities and continuous employment for people who are blind or visually impaired, including those with additional disabilities. He will speak to the history of the Industries program, products currently produced by employees of whom 85% are legally blind, and the markets we serve.

Writing Out Loud
Fridays, 10/06, 10/20
11 a.m. – noon

New and experienced writers come together and share their ideas and memories. With the help of trigger words, we immerse ourselves in thought provoking conversations.  You don’t have to be a “writer” to share your valuable memories. If you want to improve your writing, we are here to help you get started.

Coffee Club
Tuesdays, 10/10, 10/24
10 – 11 a.m.

Start your morning off with a fresh cup of coffee while you are socializing with friends and having fun. If you are new to the Seniors Program, this is a great chance to meet some of the members.

Stretch and Strengthen
10/10, 10/24
11 a.m. – noon

A fun and energetic chair exercise class focusing on increasing your strength and supporting your mobility. Brittany’s energy is contagious and she will continue sharing motivation to keep you active and independent. Beginner or expert, all levels are welcome.

**ON HOLD** Computer Class
Thursdays TBD

The computer class is currently on hold due to a training being held in the classroom. As soon as the room is available, we will inform you the date and time that classes will begin again. Sorry for the inconvenience but we appreciate your patience. Stay tuned!

NEW TIME! iPad – Beginners Class
Thursdays, 10/05, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26

10 a.m. – noon

Join us for an introduction to iPads. We will explain the design of the iPad and some of the benificial applications available for low vision.

*Please RSVP if interested, seats are limited to 5 per class.*

TriBond Brain Game
Friday, 10/13

11 a.m. – noon

What do a zipper, a shark and a comb have in common? Answer – teeth! We will share three words and it is your job to determine a common bond between the three. Are you ready for the challenge?

Friday, 10/13

1 – 2 p.m.

Back by popular demand; come experience a powerful guided meditation recording. Never practiced meditation – now is a chance to see how it can help.  

Book Club – A Child Called “It”
Wednesday, 10/25

1 – 2 p.m.

A story of Dave Pelzer, brutally beaten and starved by his emotionally unstable, alcoholic mother who played tortuous, unpredictable games that left him nearly dead. He had to learn how to play his mother’s games in order to survive because she no longer considered him a son, but a slave; and no longer a boy, but an “it.”

Dave’s bed was an old army cot in the basement, and his clothes were torn and raunchy. The outside world knew nothing of his living nightmare. He had nothing or no one to turn to, but his dreams kept him alive–dreams of someone taking care of him, loving him and calling him their son.

*Participants use the free Talking Books player. If you do not own one but are interested in learning more, contact Laurine or Megan for more information. *

Occupational Talk in the Kitchen
Tuesday, 10/17

10 – 11 a.m.

Join us for an interactive exchange of ideas and information to increase your knowledge and help you retain your independence while getting the support you need. This month, join us for a lively presentation by our Occupational Therapist, Laura Hayes, on tips for dining out as well as hints for cooking at home.  We will cover everything from how to increase your confidence when eating out, to kitchen safety as well as types of adaptive equipment to assist with using appliances, cutting, and measuring.  Bring your appetite to learn and for a special home-made treat!!

Crafting with Theresa
Wednesday, 10/18

1 – 2:30 p.m.

This month, Theresa’s getting you ready for a BOO-tiful Halloween. Join her to come make a decorative chalkboard for your home.  *There are only 10 seats so please RSVP if you are interested.*

Taste of Autumn with Christina
Friday, 10/20

1 – 2 p.m.

Step into the kitchen with Christina this month and savor the many flavors of autumn including toasted cinnamon nuts, whipped maple butter, and seasonal apples dipped in caramel.  All are easy to prepare and perfect for holiday entertaining or DIY gift giving.  *There are only 10 seats so please RSVP if you are interested.*

The Senior Birthday Luncheon
Friday, 10/27
11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Come enjoy a delicious lunch and socialize with others.  If you have an October Birthday, please let us know when you make your reservation so we can wish you a Happy Birthday. *Food and seating is limited – must RSVP*

Audio Descriptive Movie – Nosferatu
Friday, 10/27

12:30 – 2:15 p.m.

The classic 1922 horror film Nosferatu (the original “Dracula”) is about a Dracula-like character that spreads terror and pestilence through the protagonist’s hometown before his lust for blood destroys him. Enjoy this spooky Halloween classic movie. This movie is audio descriptive.

Monster Mash
Tuesday, 10/31

10 – 11 a.m.

Let the party begin with some witch’s brew and some of the ghoul’s goods. We will also have fun costume contest, so you do not want to miss out. Costumes are not required as long as you come in the Halloween spirit!

Halloween Trivia
Tuesday, 10/31

11 a.m. – noon

In “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”, who waits with Linus? Come find out during this entertaining trivia game of Halloween Horror Movies and T.V.

* Seniors Programs have limited seating, so please RSVP for each event by contacting Laurine O’Donnell at 312.997.3670 or Megan Frankenbach at 312.447.3257*

Monthly Events at a Glance

10/03    Support Group, 11 a.m. – noon
10/03    Art Exploration, 1 – 2:30 p.m.
10/05    iPad for Beginners, 10 a.m. – noon
10/05    Computer Class, TBD
10/06    Medicare 101, 10 – 11 a.m.
10/06    Writing Out Loud, **11 a.m. – noon**
10/06    Lighthouse Industries, 1 – 2 p.m.
10/09    Art Studio, **1:30 – 2:30 p.m.**
10/10    Coffee Club, 10 – 11 a.m.
10/10    Stretch and Strengthen, 11 a.m. – noon
10/10    Art Exploration, 1 – 2:30 p.m.
10/12    iPad for Beginners, 10 a.m. – noon
10/12    Computer Class, TBD
10/13    Tri Bond, 11 a.m. – noon
10/13    Meditation, 1 – 2 p.m.
10/17    Occupational Talk, 10 – 11 a.m.
10/17    Support Group, 11 a.m. – noon
10/17    Art Exploration, 1 – 2:30 p.m.
10/18    Crafting with Theresa, 1 – 2:30 p.m.
10/19    iPad for Beginners, 10 a.m. – noon
10/19    Computer Class, TBD
10/20    Writing Out Loud, **11 a.m. – noon**
10/20    Taste of Autumn, 1 – 2 p.m.
10/23    Art Studio, **1:30 – 2:30 p.m.**
10/24    Coffee Club, 10 – 11 a.m.
10/24    Stretch and Strengthen, 11 a.m. – noon
10/24    Art Exploration, 1 – 2:30 p.m.
10/25    Book Club, 1 – 2 p.m.
10/26    iPad for Beginners, 10 a.m. – noon
10/26    Computer Class, TBD
10/27    Oct. Birthday Luncheon, RSVP
10/27    Audio Descriptive Movie, 12:30 – 2:15 p.m.
10/31    Monster Mash, 10 – 11 a.m.
10/31    Halloween Trivia, 11 a.m. – noon

Please direct all program inquiries & RSVPs to:

Laurine O’Donnell
Director, Seniors Program
(312) 997-3670
Email Laurine

Locations & Contact

The Chicago Lighthouse
1850 W. Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60608
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Monday – Friday
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