Humanware Launches the Next Generation of Trekker Breeze!

Humanware’s Trekker Breeze has long been a useful tool for people who are blind or visually impaired to confidently navigate when out and about, providing a simple to use interface that can be manipulated one handed leaving a hand free to hold a white cane or dog guide. The Trekker did have a few problems though, such as very slow starting time, not telling you what side of the street things were on and sometimes inaccurate location finding when not in street view.

Step up the New Trekker Breeze+ Humanware yesterday launched the next generation of Trekker Breeze addressing all of the issues that users had with the first generation. Humanware promise quicker start up, much better location finding when not in street view and better description of where things are. We haven’t had hands on time with it yet (keep tuned for a video review when we get one!) but judging by Humanware’s past successes we are fully confident they will deliver another great product, and really look forward to trying it out.

Best of all is the price. A new Trekker Breeze+ will set you back $799, a great price itself, but even better if you already own a Trekker Breeze you can have yours modified to the new version for just $199! That kind of pricing is really forward thinking and consumer conscious, and we love it.

Check out the press release from Humanware below and call us at 1-800-919-3375 with any questions!  

HumanWare Launches the Trekker Breeze+
More Accurate for More Informed Travel
HumanWare is excited to announce a new travel tool to add to the navigation toolbox. The Trekker Breeze+ is the next generation of HumanWare’s popular Trekker Breeze talking GPS. Building upon the success of the original Breeze and based on the feedback received from visually impaired travelers, the new improved Breeze+ is the most accurate, intuitive, and effective navigation aid designed for travelers who are visually impaired.
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Developing strong orientation and mobility skills is essential for successful travel for individuals with a visual impairment. Effective skills with a white cane or dog guide enable a traveler who is visually impaired to successfully and safely navigate from work to home, home to school, or among different countries around the world.
“ The integration of GPS into our guide dog training curriculum would not have been possible without the relationship we have built with HumanWare. We are excited about the new Breeze Plus because it delivers the features and upgrades our clients and instructors have been requesting. HumanWare proves once again it listens to the needs of our clients.
The changes are another example of the commitment of both Leader Dogs for the Blind and HumanWare to provide meaningful products and services. We look forward to our continued collaborative relationship and the chance to improve travel of all who ask.”
Says Rod Haneline, VP and Chief Programs & Services Officer at Leader Dogs for the Blind.
Based on popular user feedback, the Breeze+ uses the same effective design as the original Trekker Breeze while on the go. With well pronounced tactile buttons, all device functions can be operated using one hand, leaving the other hand free for your white cane or dog guide.
It’s what’s inside that makes all the difference
The Breeze+ uses the latest in GPS technology to provide you with the fastest, most accurate travel information when and where you need it. So what’s different about the Breeze+ compared to the original Trekker Breeze?
·   Significantly improved GPS acquisition time
When frequently using this newly updated GPS technology, you
can expect to have a GPS connection in as little as 10 seconds
after the device boots.
·   Greatly improved performance in urban canyon environments!
The urban canyon environment often found in large cities has
always been less accommodating to GPS usage. With the
updated GPS technology in the Breeze+, you can expect
a consistent GPS signal, regardless of your environment.
·   Improved GPS accuracy
With Breeze+, you can expect accuracy of landmarks to
be significantly improved. For example, testers have
reported that their landmarks have been announced less
than 5 feet from the original location.
·   Higher quality GPS signal
Once Breeze+ acquires the satellite signal, you can expect
to travel with a higher quality GPS signal. This means a more
accurate detection of your location.
Travel with confidence with Breeze+
Here are just a few of the features existing Breeze users love:
·   Traveling to a specific address or business?
Breeze+ provides you specific walking or driving instructions as you travel.
·   Wondering where you are?
Use the “Where Am I Button”. This button tells you your current cardinal direction, next intersection, nearest address and current street.
·   Curious about what you just passed?
The What’s Around feature lets you know what interesting points of interest are around you.
·   Worried about how you will get back home?
Simply drop a landmark in front of your house and Breeze+ will walk you back to that exact spot whenever you want.
·   Nervous about navigating in open areas such as a campus or park?
Breeze+’s open area mode allows you to use landmarked locations to get from point A to B confidently.


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