Android Lollipop Makes Another Step in Accessibility

Google’s latest operating system, Android Lollipop, came out in November and offered a slew of new features for those with Android based devices. For the visually impaired two new features were added that promise to help make using their device easier. 

Firstly we have a ‘Large Text’ option accessed in Settings>Accessibility which does exactly what it sounds like! Text throughout your device will be enlarged and made easier to see (although you cannot choose how much larger it is made). 

Next up is a high contrast mode, which will make text bolder either through outlining it or making the text color darker depending on the text. Again, this can be toggled on or off in the Settings>Accessibility menu. 

Along with the preexisting magnification and Talkback features, users who are blind or have a visual impairment now have a good range of options with which to make their Android based device easier to use. Check out the link below to see a great video on some of the new features in Android Lollipop!

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