Chicago Lighthouse Launches Summer Speaker Series

Jul 11th, 2019


Contact:Dominic Calabrese
(312) 997-3662;

Chicago Lighthouse Launches Summer Speaker Series to Support Employment, Boost Resources for Veterans & People with Disabilities

CHICAGO – In an effort to assist Veterans and people with disabilities in securing employment as well as providing them with additional resources, The Chicago Lighthouse is launching a Summer Speaker series.

Conducted by The Lighthouse’s Employment Services department, the sessions will take place on the following Wednesdays in July and August from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM: July 17; July 31; August 7 and August 21.

Topics will include such timely issues as preparing for the 2020 Census; steps to ensure financial independence; and opportunities in entrepreneurship and business development.

“We are pleased to offer this series of informative sessions which will feature knowledgeable speakers who will share their expertise and also offer salient advice to our participants,” said Martha Younger-White, senior vice president of employment and rehabilitation services at The Lighthouse.

The July 17th session, The 2020 U.S. Census – Recruiting for Employment and Reporting, will cover the importance of getting individuals with disabilities to report for the U.S. Census as it impacts funding for social service programs and representation in government.   In addition, discussion will focus on employment opportunities for people with disabilities with the 2020 U.S. Census and how to apply for positions.   The accessibility of the reporting and recruiting process will also be a topic area covered.

The July 31st session, ABLE Act Accounts, will inform parents, children, and adults with disabilities diagnosed by age 26 how to establish an ABLE account, determine what costs can be covered by money set aside in these accounts, and allow savings that are not considered as an asset for Social Security Administraton recipients.

The August 7th session, Entrepreneurship and Business Development, will provide individuals with disabilities and Veterans access to available resources to develop a business plan to be successful in exploring entrepreneurship opportunities.  There are federal and state programs that support these efforts and The Chicago Lighthouse could serve as a resource.

The August 21st session, Financial Independence, will cover the main elements of financial independence such as debt management, understanding cash flow, creating an emergency fund, obtaining proper protection, building wealth and preserving wealth.

For additional information, contact Maureen Reid, Job Placement Counselor & Scholarship Coordinator, (312) 666-1331 x 3655Extension 3655