Seniors Program Chicago – New! Writing Workshop

New! Writing Workshop
Fridays, 3/24

1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Writing Workshop is a break-off of the Writing Circle giving a more hands on approach for those currently working on a writing or wanting to get one started. The first workshop will give individuals and opportunity to begin a photo album that inspires memoir with their very own pictures. There will be limited seating so we can give you more individualized attention. RSVP required.

Unless otherwise noted, all programs take place at The Chicago Lighthouse at 1850 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL 60608. As a friendly reminder, programs have limited seating. Please RSVP for each event by contacting Laurine Donohue at (312) 997-3670 or Megan Frankenbach at (312) 447-3257 , or by emailing Laurine directly.