Jazz Night 2020

Buddy Guy’s Legends | 700 S. Wabash Ave. | Chicago, IL 60605

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Advance tickets: $40
Door tickets: $50
Advance staff tickets: $35
Door Staff tickets: $40

Lisa Hilton seated at a grand piano glances to the viewer with her hair covering part of her face

Lisa Hilton & Friends perform music from the album “Chalkboard Destiny”

Lisa Hilton/Piano  |  J.D. Allen/Tenor & Sax  |  Mark Whitfield/Drums  | Luques Curtis/Bass

“WOW! A quantum leap compositionally, as well as in the overall aura. Hilton has an absolutely unique and beautiful sound. Bravo!!” KVNF Radio

Lisa Hilton, an award winning composer and acclaimed American jazz pianist, will perform new compositions recorded with this band of NYC jazz luminaries. Hilton’s expressive and impressionistic compositions seamlessly explore jazz and blues alongside classical and modernist ideas – fueled by the inspiration of past composers Count Basie, George Gershwin, Robert Johnson or Chopin. Enjoy Allen’s explosive virtuoso displays, the dynamic details of Whitfield’s accents or the booming lines of Curtis’s bass alongside Hilton’s fluid piano in an impressive and beguiling show. The concept behind Chalkboard Destiny is that our culture is continually being reshaped and creatively revised. Program includes: Sympathy for Blues, Rush Hour Rhapsody, Temporary Lullaby, Tropic of Tango and others. Hilton has been compared to some of the best jazz pianists in history in the book, The New Face of Jazz.

For more information, please contact:
Lindsay Inglis | Director, Special Events
(312) 447-3448 | lindsay.inglis@chicagolighthouse.org


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