Envision the Future Endowment Campaign

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Since 1906, The Chicago Lighthouse has been creating opportunities people who are blind, visually impaired, multi-disabled and Veterans. Our work is not done.

There is a critical need for blind, visually impaired, multi-disabled, and Veterans services in the Midwest and throughout the country.  This need is continuing to grow, especially as Older Adults are experiencing macular degeneration at an unprecedented rate.

We have built a system of comprehensive care ranging from infants to Seniors, Veterans to civilians who have other disabilities, and those considered at-risk.  We never turn anyone away who cannot afford our services.

We are poised to secure the future, and we want to ensure The Lighthouse is around for centuries to come.

The Envision the Future Endowment Campaign is The Chicago Lighthouse’s response. The Envision the Future Endowment Campaign is The Chicago Lighthouse’s commitment to making a $7 million investment so that we can ensure that all of our programs and services can continue for centuries to come.


We invite you to celebrate over a century of accomplishments and invest in our future. Of the many benefits associated with supporting the Endowment Fund at The Chicago Lighthouse, none is greater for our community of donors than the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped the many lives touched by Lighthouse care and those who provide that care.

Endowment support is essential for the future of The Chicago Lighthouse and gifts to the Envision the Future Endowment Campaign supports our sustainability efforts for generations to come.

Please consider becoming a Chicago Lighthouse Envision the Future Endowment Campaign supporter today.

We accept gifts of:

  • Cash;
  • Publicly traded stock;
  • Gifts from wills and trusts;
  • Just to name a few.

Specially tailored naming opportunities are available.

For more information on making a gift to the Envision The Future Endowment Campaign, please contact:

Jennifer Miller
Direct dial: (312) 997-3643