Blindness in the News – September 1, 2017

“Blindness in the News” for the week ending Friday, Sept. 1, 2017.

A weekly compilation of news stories highlighting items of interest about people who are blind, visually impaired and other disabilities.

1. ‘Bionic Eye’ Allows Montreal Mother of 4 To See Her Youngest for First Time
By: Unlisted

With the help of a high-tech chip grafted onto her retina, Sandra Cassell can see again. The device consists of the chip and a pair of glasses with a camera attached. The camera translates visual data into electrical pulses that are sent to the chip. which stimulates the cells of the retina. When the retina is stimulated, she sees visual output. Thanks to this amazing technology, she was able to see her youngest child for the very first time.

Source: CBC News | Read Here

2. ‘We Are a Market… If Business Recognizes the Value of a Billion People Then Society Will’
By: Sinead Baker

Caroline Casey is a disability rights activist with a mission. She wants to benefit both business and disabled consumers by championing accessibility. Approximately a billion people globally are disabled and account for around $8 trillion in disposable income. Her thinking is, if you show the companies the money, their policies will change to obtain it. She, among other prominent Irish social campaigners, launched the #valuable campaign to draw attention to her goals. She’ll travel to Colombia and journey 1000km on horseback, beseeching over 500 companies to prioritize accessibility and inclusiveness.

Source: | Read Here

3. For Blind Chef Headed to Hajj, Life is Full of Blessings
By: Hannan Adely

Ali Hussain is a blind chef. His dream is to take the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, an important rite of passage for Muslims. Hussain had trouble finding work as a chef when he graduated culinary school, and consequently started his own business, Cookin’ Without Lookin’. When friends and colleagues heard about his dream, they banded together and collected $24 thousand in donations to make it happen.

Source: | Read Here

4. Here’s How a Blind Military Veteran Works Out
By: EJ Dickson

Bradley Snyder was a bomb disposal technician in Iraq when an explosive took his sight. He has gone on to win numerous Paralympic gold medals in men’s’ freestyle swimming. He also partnered with Eone Timepieces to promote The Bradley, a magnetic watch that can be read solely by touch. Men’s Health talked with him about his experiences, the watch, and his approach to athletic training.

Source: Men’s Health | Read Here

5. Train Delivers Eye Surgery to China’s Rural Poor
By: Bibek Bhandari and Wang Yiwei

A large number of China’s rural poor suffer from cataracts and lack the means or funds to get the routine operation that can cure them. A nonprofit, with logistical support from the government, has addressed the problem by sending volunteer doctors via train to remote locations to perform the operation. The train is equipped with a mobile clinic. To date, the train has treated more than 181,000 cataract patients in 110 places across China.

Source: Sixth Tone | Read Here

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