Blindness in the News – May 5, 2017

“Blindness in the News” for the week ending Friday, May 5, 2017.

A weekly compilation of news stories highlighting items of interest about people who are blind, visually impaired and disabled.

1. Computer Vision Reads Out Objects For The Blind
By: Jiwon Kim

Advancing technology is rapidly changing the lives of those with visual impairments, largely due to the accessibility of new innovative concepts.  Aipoly, for example, is a new app available on smartphones that can recognize and vocalize physical objects in its surrounding area.  The app can recognize over 1,000 images, along with color and several languages.

Source: PSFK | Read Here

2.  Zappos Looks To Help Shoppers With Special Needs
By: Shaun Heasley

From one single customer care reply, the Director of Zappos recently launched a new online shopping initiative to cater to people with disabilities.  Zappos Adaptive is a new collection that features functional and fashionable products for those who may face challenges when getting dressed.  There are reversible items, pieces soft to the touch and without zippers or tags, and slip on shoes for starters.

Source: Disability Scoop | Read Here

3. Special Education To Get Boost Under Budget Deal
By: Michelle Diament

Yet to be determined by Congress, grants under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act will go up $90 million.  Unfortunately, $12 billion is an insignificant amount when divvied up to 6 billion kids.  Officials are optimist though, realizing that any increase in spending is an increase in awareness.

Source: Disability Scoop | Read Here

4. Braille Guide Gives Users a Feel for 2017 Solar Eclipse
By:  Leonard David

Special Braille book ‘Getting a Feel for Eclipses’ is a new tactile book release that has allowed those without the visual imagination of space to understand its complex events.  The book explains the highly anticipated 2017 total solar eclipse, through the added sense of touch for both sighted and non-sighted readers.

Source: PR Newswire | Read Here

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