Blindness in the News – November 11, 2016

“Blindness in the News” for the week ending Friday, Nov. 11, 2016.

A weekly compilation of news stories highlighting items of interest about people who are blind, visually impaired and disabled.

1. Blind Runner Relishes New York City Marathon Challenge
By: Lenn Robbins

Matt Turner constantly relied on his vision in order to participate in his favorite recreational athletic activities.  Even after losing his sight, Turner found a way to continue doing what he loved.  With the help of the Achilles International organization, Turner has participated in various marathon races and now helps others realize their full potential.

Source: NY Post | Read Here

2. Windsor High School Prints What May be the First Braille Yearbook
By: Christi Warrin

The first-ever brailled high school year book may have been produced this year for a student in the senior class at Windsor High.  Debating what to do with the yearbook summer camp $500 prize, the school’s yearbook committee decided to surprise a classmate who is blind.  Even the superintendent at the California School for the Blind has never heard of this being done!

Source: Press Democrat | Read Here

3. Teaching Blind Students with 3-D Prints
By: Jane Horvath

3-D printers have opened the door to a whole new learning experience for the blind and visually impaired.  But simply adding a 3rd dimension to a learning device is not sufficient.  The Hackaday Prize competition found a group with a revolutionary idea to connect teachers with 3-D designers to create specific learning aids.

Source: Scientific American | Read Here

4. Disability Portrayals On TV At Record High
By: Michelle Diamont

The media advocacy group GLAAD has found that the number of characters on major network television shows with a disability has almost doubled since last year.  Since the organization began tracking in 2010, they’ve found found that characters with disabilities account for 1.7 percent of all series regulars; The highest ever recorded.

Source: Disability Scoop | Read Here

5.  Eagle Scout Builds Blind for Hunters with Disabilities
By: Ashley Szatala

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a difficult task, and takes hard work and dedication to your goal.  Nathan Mehrer is the first Eagle Scout for Troop 132 in more than 10 years.  He achieved his rank after completely a service project for the community.  Mehrer build an accessible hunting blind, which allows those with disabilities to enjoy the outdoors more independently.

Source: Whig | Read Here

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