Blindness in the News – November 4, 2016

“Blindness in the News” for the week ending Friday, Nov. 4, 2016.

A weekly compilation of news stories highlighting items of interest about people who are blind, visually impaired and disabled.

1. Blind, But Entitled to Cast a Ballot
By: Beth Finke

While accommodations are provided based on a U.S. citizen’s condition to vote,  often overlooked is the dignified action of casting a ballot independently by those with disabilities.  In this article Beth Finke recalls her past voting experience, disappointed in the lack of preparation for accessible polls often leading to invasive assistance.

Source: NY Daily News | Read Here

2. ANZ Issues Debit Cards for Vision Impaired Customers

In Australia, ANZ has become the nation’s first bank to incorporate accessible features on their customer’s debit cards.  Visually impaired customer’s were even more appreciative towards the company after participating in focus groups for ANZ acquire valuable input on the design.

Source: FIne Extra | Read Here

3. Teen Finds Gap in College Access For Those With Disabilities
By: Anna Landre

The Americans with Disabilities Act prevents higher education from discriminating against students with disabilities, but many students still face obstacles.  Accessibility is still an issue, where many universities boast historic buildings.  They also face a larger financial burden, where many students require an aide to guide them around campus, and specialized scholarships for disabilities are hard to find.

Source: Women’s Enews | Read Here

4. Going Blind in Your 20s: ‘When Life Sends Lemons, Make Lemonade’
By: Clare Conley

Steph Cutler is an inspiring role model for taking what life gives you and making the best of it.  Before losing her sight in her late 20s, Steph was a successful fashion designer.  But she moved forward, letting go of her career in fashion and established a widely successful consulting agency.  Making Lemonade began as a training and awareness recruitment service for employment, and has since grown to aid non-disabled persons as well.

Source: The Guardian | Read Here

5.  LA Fitness Revises Membership Policy to Comply with Americans with Disabilities Act
By: Bretton Keenan

In New York, LA Fitness Gyms went under an investigation after complaints were made due to discrimination against its members with disabilities.  The owner of LA Fitness was required to revise the member policy, and agreed to four new conditions including free access for aides and new training for employees to help with accessibility.

Source: WKBW | Read Here

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