Blindness in the News – August 26, 2016

“Blindness in the News” for the week ending Friday, August 26, 2016.

A weekly compilation of news stories highlighting items of interest about people who are blind, visually impaired and disabled.

1. Seeing in the Dark: Blind Photographers Talk About Their Work
By: Sean O’Hagan

In the average, sighted world, the idea of a blind photographer seems confusing and unrealistic.  However in the new book, The Blind Photographer, several artists prove a beautiful picture is made of more than clear vision.

Source: The Guardian | Read Here

2. Facebook’s Autoplaying Audio Could be a Huge Issue for Users with Disabilities
By: AJ Dellinger

Facebook has begun testing a new Autoplaying feature that will automatically play audio in shared videos.  Many users are expressing concern, especially those in the visually impaired community who rely on screen readers to navigate them through their mobile devices.  They worry that the videos will play over the computerized voice on a screen reader, and create confusion and frustration.

Source: Daily Dot | Read Here

3. Eating Certain Fish May Cut Risk for Blinding Diabetes-Related Eye Disease
By: Alan Mozes

Working with previous participants in a low-fat diet study, Spanish researcher Aleix Sala-Vila monitored the results of diabetic patients at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy as they were asked to consume at least two servings of natural fatty fish per week.  Over a period of five years, they found that those who consumed the fish regularly were less likely to be at risk.  But they warn that this effect cannot be duplicated with supplements.

Source: CBS News | Read Here

4. Disability Resources You May Not Know About
By: Barby Ingle

There are a variety of resources available to those with a disability.  Unfortunately, many people do not know what is available, or what assistance they may qualify for.  This article provides a short guide, and links help take advantage of the help provided.

Source: Pain News Network | Read Here

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