Blindness in the News – April 15, 2016

“Blindness in the News” for the week ending Friday, April 15, 2016.

A weekly compilation of news stories highlighting items of interest about people who are blind, visually impaired and disabled.

1. Blind Runner Aiming To Be First To Run Across US
By: Alison Wade 

Jason Romero is a blind father of three who has already won an ultramarathon, represented the U.S. in the International Paralympic Committee’s World Marathon Championship in London, and has held positions as CEO of a nonprofit school and an attorney.  Now, he is half way through his goal of running across the United States, from California to New York.

Source: Fox News Health | Read Here

2. Google Is Helping This School Build a ‘Waze’ For the Blind
By:  Heather Kelly

Google has announced it’s winners of the Google Disability Challenge, rewarding grants to organizations using technology to help their clients.  Perkins School for the Blind, for example, are developing an app to crowd source micro-location information, and Center for Discovery are working on a device that will turn a manual wheelchair into a powered chair.

Source: CNN | Read Here

3. Disney Again Faulted Over Disability Access Policy
By: Michelle Diament

Disney is facing multiple lawsuits after complaints from families with special needs complained that the establishment failed to appropriately address the special needs of their children.  As Disney made adjustments to its former access policy in 2013, families are asking that they realize some may require more assistance than other with certain disabilities.

Source: Disability Scoop | Read Here

4.  What Do the Blind ‘See’?
By: Ernie Jones

Black? Grey? Is there a difference between daylight and nighttime?  After Ernie Jones lost his eyesight he realized that what he thought the blind could see was very different from what he imagined.  In this article, he asks others with visual impairments what they ‘see.’

Source: Union Bulletin | Read Here

5.  Helen Keller, Blind Education Topic of New Exhibit in Lansing
By: RJ Wolcott

Hellen Keller’s remarkable achievements have been marked in a new exhibit called “Child in a Strange Country.”  The hope is to bring to light what people with disabilities are capable of and to create new role models for young children.

Source: Lansing State Journal | Read Here

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