Accessibility Consulting and Audit Services

In light of COVID-19, this program is temporarily closed. View our homepage for the latest details on reopening.

Why Choose Us?

The Chicago Lighthouse has been providing exceptional opportunities to the blind and visually impaired communities for over a century. As technology and society have changed, The Lighthouse has been on the forefront of ensuring inclusion and access to those we serve. Technology has become integral to everyday life, especially through the use of the internet. Given The Lighthouse’s commitment to inclusion and accessibility, it was only natural to offer our expertise to assist other businesses looking to do the same.
To the best of our knowledge, The Lighthouse is the only not-for-profit fundamentally engaged with the blind and visually impaired communities at all levels of life working to ensure universal access to technology.
The work that we do uniquely positions us to the challenges faced by individuals with vision loss, whether they be our employees or our clients. Given our level of connection to the blind and visually impaired communities, we have developed techniques and methods unmatched by other organizations. We literally LIVE these issues every day.


Hear from accessibility experts including U.S. Senator, Dick Durbin.

Our History

The Chicago Lighthouse has been pioneering innovation since 1906.

Our Team

We are trusted experts and innovators in accessibility because we LIVE it everyday.


For more information, contact: Ricardo Vilchez, Vice President of Information Technology

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