The Bergman Institute for Psychological Support, housed within the Dr. Alfred A. Rosenbloom Low Vision Rehabilitation Clinic at The Chicago Lighthouse, was established with the goal of meeting the socioemotional needs of persons adapting to low vision and blindness. More than ever before, low vision is being linked to poor psychosocial functioning, including: lesser life satisfaction; increased daily living stress; feelings of inadequacy; low self-esteem; and depressive disorders.

The program aspires to meet the needs of persons struggling with this adjustment through the employment of evidence-based therapeutic interventions, including individual, group, and family psychotherapy. The program is also aimed at treating and preventing the emotional and behavioral sequale of functional loss through these interventions.

For more information, please contact:
Joseph Wallach, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Director Psychological Services
Phone: (312) 447-3235
Fax: (312) 243-8539
TTY: (312) 666.8874

Department of Human Services (DHS) Counselor

Every person who has a disability in Illinois has the opportunity to file a case with the State and can be assigned a counselor. The in-house DHS counselor assists with social security issues, adaptive equipment needs, education needs and more.

For more information, please contact:
Juan Ortiz, DHS Counselor
(312) 633-4067