Recipient Identification Number (RIN)

The Recipient Identification Number (RIN) Data Entry/Retrieval Program is a contracted service provided by The Chicago Lighthouse for the state of Illinois. RIN provides customer service training and employment for people who are legally blind, visually impaired and/or physically impaired.

RIN employees use an internet-based system to conduct retrieval and assignment of recipient identification numbers to clients receiving services from Department of Human Social Services programs.

Employees use software applications and critical thinking to perform the following tasks:

  • Conduct research on DHS Pacis/Medical screen
  • Use hierarchy, shortcuts, cut/paste
  • Use HFS screen to activate case
  • Resurrect a pre-existent Recipient Identification Number or create a new one
  • Send DHS Social Services Recipient Identification Number back to provider via web site

The Chicago Lighthouse offers four paid openings for legally blind interns whose future employment interests lie in data base entry and customer service thanks to financial support from CompTIA. The internship provides an opportunity to obtain four (4) – six (6) weeks of on the job training.