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Listen Up! The new Victor Stream.


an image of the Victor Reader 2 shown from the front and from the side.

GW Micro announces free Window-Eyes initiative in conjunction with Microsoft!

The GW Micro Window-Eyes logo

Want to buy an iPad, iPod or Apple Mac but don't know where to start? Let us help!


An iPad is displayed with text on the screen

Humanware Prodigi CCTV with WiFi and Speech - only $1995.00!


The Humanware Prodigi Desktop CCTV is shown side on

Tom Perski demos the NEW Magnilink S portable CCTV from Low Vision International

Here's a great video from Tom Perski, Senior VP/Rehabilitation Services here at the Lighthouse.

Magnilink Vision TTS with Tom Perski

The Magnilink Vision TTS is a fantastic new CCTV that can read aloud to you, as well as perform all ordinary CCTV tasks.

Magnilink Vision TTS

DaVinci is a talking CCTV! By Luke Scriven

The DaVinci, from Enhanced Vision, is the latest in a new breed of CCTV's.

A user with a DaVinci

Using a Screen Reader, by Sam Negron

Normal 0

A man and his screen reader

Walking Around as a Blind Person by Sam Negron

Normal 0

Watch out for rampaging blind people!