Terrence J. Longo

Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
Image of Terrence J. Longo.

Terrence J. Longo, executive vice president, chief operating officer, provides administrative direction to The Chicago Lighthouse and is responsible for new business development and daily operations of the agency’s Lighthouse Industries, Low Vision Rehabilitation Service, Employment Services, Adult Day Programs, Buildings and Grounds and Human Resources Department. He also serves on the organization’s Finance and Investment Committees.

With comprehensive experience in strategic development and implementation of new educational and rehabilitation programs, Longo currently oversees the Lighthouse’s $5 million building expansion project. Previously, he has directed all Lighthouse activities leading to two successful 5 year re-accreditations of agency through National Accreditation Council, lead contract negotiations with Illinois State Board of Education for Material Center for the Visually Impaired, and obtained a national contract with Veteran’s Administration to supply low vision devices and assistive equipment to VA Blind Centers, hospitals and medical clinics.

Longo has an extensive background in not-for-profit educational and healthcare administration. Past highlights include developing and implementing new healthcare programs at Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, Eye Surgeon and Consultants, Ltd., Ingall’s Memorial Hospital, and the Eye Institute of the Illinois College of Optometry.

He holds degrees in Masters of Management from Northwestern University, Education/Rehabilitation, Blind and Partially Sighted, Orientation & Mobility from Western Michigan University, and Biological Sciences from Southern Illinois University.

Past Treasurer and founding member of the Association of Clinic Directors and Administrators of Schools and Colleges of Optometry, Longo is currently a member of the Illinois Association School Business Officials.

He and his wife Margaret, a Superintendent of schools, reside in Beverly, IL. They are parents of two sons, Ian and Devon, and two grandchildren, Ellavieve and Esme.