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Welcome to The Chicago Lighthouse's website where you'll discover how we assist people with visualThis is an image of Dr. Janet Szlyk impairments to "See What's Possible!"

For over 100 years, The Lighthouse has been a national trendsetter in offering far-reaching programs that have opened the doors of opportunity for people who are blind or visually impaired.

From humble beginnings back in 1906 we have evolved into one of America's most comprehensive social service agencies. In fact, former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley has called us the most comprehensive social service agency in the U.S.!

Housed under our roof are the nation's oldest and most prominent Low Vision Clinic; one of the few clock manufacturing facilities left in the U.S. in which our visually impaired workers produce clocks that are distributed around the world; a nationally acclaimed school for children with multi-disabilities; an innovative Legal Clinic to assist people who are blind in combating discrimination; and a VA program to assist veterans in all 50 states. 

With the unemployment rate among blind people surging near 70%, The Lighthouse under the leadership of our President and CEO, Dr. Janet Szlyk, has worked tirelessly to protect and expand job opportunities for people with visual impairments.  In that effort, we are proud to have solicited the past support of President Barack Obama, US Congressman Danny Davis and many others.  At The Lighthouse, helping people with visual impairments find jobs is job one!  In addition to offering a wide array of educational and training programs, we offer extensive job counseling and placement services. 

Among other things you'll learn about are The Lighthouse's growing stature as a global mecca for low vision services and the introduction of a broad based research program, which will enable us to expand the scope of our Low Vision Clinic so we can better meet the needs of the growing numbers of people experiencing vision loss, including our wounded veterans suffering eye-related injuries.

Despite the current challenges posed by a struggling economy, our agency remains optimistic about the future and looks forward to working with President Obama in charting a course that will champion the interests of Americans who are blind or have other severe disabilities.

We are confident that the Lighthouse's beacon of hope will shine even brighter in the years ahead!

Janet P. Szlyk, Ph.D.
President and CEO